New Integration with Donor Management Partner Bloomerang

Today Aplos announced the release of a new integration with Bloomerang, a growing donor management software for nonprofits. Through the integration, Aplos and Bloomerang will securely share real-time data, allowing customers to track their donors and financials seamlessly. Donations entered in Bloomerang will automatically be recorded in the bookkeeping in Aplos, ensuring nonprofits have more accurate bookkeeping, reduce duplicate data entry, and improve the accuracy of reports to reflect real-time donations. The integration requires an Aplos Accounting level of Standard, Advanced, or Total.

Bloomerang is a cloud-based donor management system designed to help small and mid-size nonprofits reach, engage, and most importantly, retain the commitment of the people who share their vision. Bloomerang will be hosting a demo of their software and integration on Friday, October 21 at 10am PT / 1pm ET for Aplos customers.

To join the demo, register here.

“Bloomerang is committed to being at the front edge of donor management technology,” said Tim Goetz, CEO of Aplos. “This integration helps our nonprofit customers reduce duplicate data entry so they can spend more time fundraising and accomplishing their mission.”

To learn more about Bloomerang, visit:

Bloomerang Donor Retention

A nonprofit accounting system serves as the backbone of your organization. The speed and flexibility with which you can operate improves when you can import your data from other systems. Other solutions require you to import and export each time you want to update your records in another system, but this partnership empowers bookkeepers to link purposes within your Bloomerang account to the Aplos chart of accounts so each batch of donations are automatically accounted for in your accounting.

Both firms serve small-to-medium-sized nonprofits with cloud-based software. Nonprofits have unique needs when it comes to tracking donations and managing funds, which is why it is essential to use software made to meet those needs. That is why Aplos is trusted by nonprofits and their accountants in over 100 countries.

The Aplos Team is here to help you accomplish your goals with educational material that can provide best practices, tips on how to use the software, and examples to inspire you.

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