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Setting Up Contributions Management

Contributions Management allows you to record and track donations in Aplos. Whether manually-entered donations, or donations received online using an Aplos Donations Form, these will be recorded to give your donor credit for their donation through receipts or statements, tracked in your accounting, and will be included in reports.

Create Your Donation Purposes

You will want to start by creating Purposes. A Purpose is how your organization will track the money it receives through donations. You will want to create a Purpose for every way you will be receiving a donation, such as Missions, General Fund, Building Fund, In-Kind, Annual Giving Campaign, etc. As you create each purpose, you have the option to link these to your Accounting so donations are automatically recorded as a transaction. To do this, you simply identify both the Fund and Income account for each Purpose.

Entering Contributions Manually

Once your Purposes are created and linked to Accounting, you can begin recording your donations from the Contributions page. You can see and select previously entered batches in the Contribution List. Before entering donors and amounts, make sure to enter a date and name for your batch of donations. You may also add a description to add more detail to this batch. You can now begin entering the details of this batch of donations. Enter every person who donated, the purpose they donated to, as well as their donated amount.

You may also add additional information like:

  • A Note/Check# to reference important information
  • Non-Tax Deductible Amount that should not be included on contribution statements
  • Expense Amount, such as a payment processing fee associated with a donation.

A batch may include as many records as you’d like. Once you have the details of the batch entered, click Post to save.

Tracking Online Donations

Once you begin accepting online donations using an Aplos Donation Form, donations processed through these will automatically tracked by donor for receipts and noted in your accounting if your Purposes are linked.

View Your Donation Reports

Now that you have donations entered, you can generate reports to view your donations. Additionally, you can generate Contribution Statements for your donors from the Reports screen or on each individual donor’s contact.

Here are more details on using Contributions Management:

Updated on June 17, 2016

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