Dimensional Budgeting

In Aplos you typically create either an Organizational Budget (where you can also budget by fund), or a Budget by Tag. These are independent budgets that do not impact each other. If you need a budget that allocates the same amount across accounts, funds, and tags, without creating multiple budgets, this is the article for you.

Dimensional budgeting is possible when you have Advanced Budgeting enabled in Aplos. Creating a Dimensional Budget is only possible through importing your budget from excel. When on the Budgeting screen in Aplos, click the Import button in the top right of the screen. The popup will allow you to upload a file for import, or download our budgeting template. In order to import a budget, the information must be in templated format. Don’t try anything fancy, it won’t work 🙂

The template allows you to set an amount, by month, for any combination of account / fund / tag(s). The lines you enter should represent every permutation of budget data that you need to see in Aplos.

Example: if I have an amount that needs to use “4000 – Contributions Income” as the account, “General Fund” as the fund, and “Central” as a location tag, I would enter all of those in the applicable columns and parse the amount out across the month columns. If an amount was not attributable to the “Central” tag, but was for the same account and fund, it would be a separate line with the applicable amounts.

The template has sheet tabs for your account, fund, and tag lists. Make sure the budget template uses the exact naming convention listed in those sheet tabs. If the fund sheet tab says you have a “General Fund” and you try entering “General” instead, it will not import.

Once you have everything entered, save the file and return to the Budgeting screen. Click the same Import button and choose your file for upload. Assuming there are no errors, the next screen you see will be the Review Budget page, which shows the breakout of your budget across account groups, funds, and tags. This is now one master budget you can use for any combination of attributes. From this screen you can export the budget, import another to replace the current, or click Edit Budget.

When you click to edit your budget, you will see the master list of data you imported from your file. Use the filters at the top of the screen to select which account / fund / tag you want to edit, and then make any changes within the fields shown. We recommend exporting the budget once you make edits in Aplos so that you have an ‘offline’ backup for reference.

If you have questions about Dimensional Budgeting, or anything else Aplos, write in using the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen, or give us a call at 1 (888) 274-1316!

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