Creating Your Annual Budget In Aplos

In Aplos, you can easily create and track your annual budget for any of your income and expense accounts. Follow the steps below to set up and manage your budget.

Creating Your Budget

Select Budget Type

To create a new budget, you’ll want to select Fund Accounting > Accounts > Budgeting. From this page, you will click the green plus (+) icon to start a new budget. Then enter your budget year and select which type of budget you want to create.

Below is a quick summary of the budget types.

  • Organizational = This is your organization-wide budget that spans all funds and tags. This type of budget is included in all subscription levels.

Advanced Budgeting Types:

  • Organizational By Fund = This is an organization-wide budget that is broken out by fund.
  • Tag = This is a budget for a specific tag type. It will be broken out across the tags within the type you select, and it is independent from the organization budget.
  • Dimensional = If you need a budget that spans accounts, funds, and tags, all at once, you can do so with this type. See the dimensional budgeting guide.

Set Budgets For Income And Expense

Once you’ve chosen a budget year and type, the next screen will give you a list of all income and expense accounts, which will be your budget line items. The software will automatically save your progress as you enter your budget information. The trash can icon to the right will clear the budget amount for that line. It is not required to enter an amount for each account listed, but all accounts are available if you do want to set a budget for each one.

Edit Monthly Budget Amounts

Entering an amount for each account will split that amount evenly over 12 months. If you’d like to split the amount differently per month, check the box for Show Monthly Breakdown at the top of the budgeting page. This will add a column for each month so you can customize the split.

Manage Your Budgets

The Budgeting screen will show you each of the budgets you have created, the date range of the budget, the budget type, and a brief recap of the income, expense, and net income.

How To Hide Or Delete A Budget From Budget To Actual Reports

From this main screen you can select which budgets you want to be visible in the reports section so they can be used in Budget to Actual reports. You can also delete budgets you no longer need.

How To Revise, Print, Or Export A Budget

If you wish to update, export, or print a budget, select any budget by clicking on the row on the Budgeting Screen to open the budget. From here you can review the budget details or update your budget to make changes. Any changes you make are updated automatically. You may also Click to Export your budget as an Excel file or download a PDF copy of your budget.

Budget To Actual Reports

On the Reports page you can choose the Budget to Actual and Comparative Budget to Actual reports. If you have Advanced Budgeting enabled, each tag will have its own budget report. When running each report, you can use the Report Layout menu to adjust the information included.

You can share your budget reports by email or download your report as an Excel or PDF file.

Budgets That Span Multiple Fiscal Years

In Aplos you are able to create a budget for your fiscal year. However, what if you have a program, fund, project, or something else that you would like to budget for that spans past a 12-month period? You will still need to create budgets within 12-month fiscal year terms, but in the Reports section of Aplos you can edit the budget reports to include whatever length of time you need to review.

For example, let’s say you have a program that will last from January 2019 to December 2020, which is 24 months. Let’s also assume you run a calendar fiscal year, January through December. In Aplos’ budgeting screen, you will start by entering 2019’s budget. At the top of the screen you will see a checkbox that says “Three Year Budget.” Click this, and fields for 2020 and 2021 will appear. You can now go through and enter the budgeted values for each income/expense account by year.

Now let’s say time has passed and you want to run a report that shows the actuals and budget for this program, factoring in multiple budget years. Go to the Reports section and click the Budget to Actual report. Once here, change the date range to “custom,” and enter the beginning and ending dates you need. Once these are set, click Apply and the data will refresh. You should now see the actual and budget totals for both fiscal years factored in to one report.

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