New Features Released In September 2020

Preparing Letters and Mailing Labels by Household

Generating Letters For Households

This is a new way to address households using our Letter Designer. You now have the choice to produce and mail letters specifically to your households, instead of each individual contact within a household. Using custom fields, you can insert within your letter household details such as the household salutation or donation details. This will save you time and reduce postage since you won’t have to combine multiple letters to individuals into a letter addressed to a single household. 

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Creating Mailing Labels For Households

This mailing label update is an enhancement that will save you time when generating mailing labels for your contacts. If you have your contacts grouped by a household, when you print your mailing labels, the software will ask if you wish to group your mailing list by household. This will allow you to produce mailing labels per household instead of creating multiple labels for individuals within that household. 

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Not using households yet? Check out our tutorial on how to create households.