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Webinar: Growing Stewardship This Spring With Text To Give

by Dan Kimball
church stewardship and growth through text messaging

Tithes and offerings can fluctuate throughout the year for many reasons. Although you may be able to anticipate some factors and build them into your annual budget, others can surprise you. Whether a significant decrease in giving stems from the unexpected impact of world events, needing to cancel weekly services, or a traditional seasonality of lower giving, the instability can be difficult to navigate. It can be particularly difficult when churches rely on tithe boxes or passing the plate during a service. When a congregation doesn’t meet, growing stewardship in the church can be difficult, and giving may stop altogether for a time.

If your church has been impacted by the effects of COVID-19, you want to prepare for future pitfalls, or you just want to avoid that summer slump many churches encounter, this webinar is for you. Join Dan Kimball as he goes over ways you can use Text to Give to successfully grow your church stewardship base throughout the year by using mobile-friendly donation technology.

People love Text to Give. It makes giving simple, and they can give from anywhere. Setup is also easy and quick. If you decide to turn on the feature, you should have your unique number and payment account set up in less than five minutes.

During this free 45-minute webinar, we will discuss: 

  • How to know if your church will benefit from a Text to Give campaign
  • The power of having a digital giving tool for tech-savvy people who don’t carry cash or checks
  • Best practices for engaging with your people for a text-based campaign
  • Answers on how to launch Text to Give with success 
  • What to expect as you get started

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