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Using ChMS Data For Multisite Church Expansion

by Eric Burgess

Aplos recently contributed to a roundtable discussion on multisite church expansion in a digital supplement for the March/April edition of Church Executive Magazine. When monitoring the health of a campus and looking at an expansion strategy, data is essential. Yet not many churches use that data effectively. In a special Q&A, Tim Goetz, CEO of Aplos, talks about using Church Management Software (ChMS) to its maximum advantage.

Goetz explains, “Instead of thinking how the main campus is going to keep the multisite location afloat, the multisite location should be doing tithe projecting and using tools to help them determine — beforehand — how the campus can support itself before it’s opened.” Knowing the projected financial health of the campus before expanding will help you know whether a campus will be viable. The data will also help you identify whether it will be sustainable over time.

These are some of the topics included in this article:

  • Being aware of your budget and using proper accounting and ChMS tools when planning a new site
  • Plotting your church’s growth using your Church Management Software
  • The importance of trusting in God as well as looking at numbers when determining affordability

Download the digital supplement by clicking on the image below.

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