Mobilizing ChMS Data for Multisite Church Expansion

We recently contributed to a roundtable discussion on multisite church expansion in a digital supplement for the March/April edition of Church Executive Magazine. In a special Q&A with Tim Goetz, CEO of Aplos, Tim acknowledges that most church leaders don’t use their Church Management Software (ChMS) to its maximum advantage when trying to determine where they should open a new multisite campus.

“Instead of thinking how the main campus is going to keep the multisite location afloat, the multisite location should be doing tithe projecting and using tools to help them determine — beforehand — how the campus can support itself before it’s opened.”

Key focus areas in the discussion:

  • Remote Roundtable: expert advice
  • Plot your church’s growth with your ChMS
  • Letting “the numbers” lead the way
  • People over process

Download the digital supplement by clicking on the image below.

Eric Burgess serves as Aplos’ Marketing Director and is passionate about all things digital media. When he’s not writing searchable content for churches and nonprofits to find online, he’s likely spending time with his family or out riding his downhill mountain bike in the Sierra Nevada mountains somewhere. Oh, and he's deathly allergic to tree nuts.

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