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How To Thank Your Donors

by Megan DeCosta

How you communicate when thanking your donors sets the tone for the relationship. We have a set of guidelines we like to follow to help cultivate a stronger level of communication with your donors.

1. Be Personal

No one likes to talk to a robot. Make sure when you’re emailing or talking with your donors that you refer to them by their name. This is particularly helpful when handwriting a letter. Taking time to call them is also a great way to thank them and show your gratitude. Whether they’ve donated money or time, just make it personal. They will appreciate you acknowledging them in a personal way.

2. Think Outside The Box

Be creative with how you thank your donors. Pinterest is a great place to find unique ways to thank your donors. Think fun crafts or simple little cards. Another great example would be to give them a small plant with a note that says, “Thank you for helping our mission grow!”

3. Go The Extra Mile

If you have local donors, take them out to lunch. Or hand-deliver your letter or gift. These simple things make them feel special. If they’re not local, send them a handwritten letter that you actually wrote and signed yourself. The last thing you want to do is send them a letter that says “Dear Donor,” typed out with a stamped signature. It’s just going to end up in the garbage. So go the extra mile and make it personal!

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