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In Search Of The Best Accounting Software For Nonprofits

by Bexcy Deditius

Having a nonprofit is a lot of work. Since it’s volunteer work most of the time, every minute is valuable. Choosing the right software to manage your organization is vital for making the most out of your time. But what makes any particular accounting software the best for your nonprofit?

Best Nonprofit Accounting Software Features


The best accounting software for nonprofits contains features that are essential for managing donations, contacts, and keeping track of expenses. Key features you’ll need include (but won’t be limited to):

  • Managing Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Activity Tracking
  • Asset Management

Additional features may be useful, depending on the size of your organization. For instance, software programs such as Aplos provide a payroll option through their partner, Gusto. There is also functionality to prepare a form 990-N or 990-EZ. This will make life easier during tax season. Software like Financial Edge and Intacct offer partner accounting, purchasing and receiving tracking, and compliance management.

Find A Nonprofit Accounting Software With A Low Learning Curve

Let’s face it, most volunteers at nonprofit organizations are not professional accountants. The software you choose should be as user friendly as possible, with an engaging interface that is easy to understand. Reports should be simple and easy to read, as well as contain customizable fields for the user to filter out specific information.

For more experienced or larger organizations, platforms like Nonprofit Plus Accounting Suite and Everyaction Software might be suitable. They contain options to process multiple types of currency and manage trust accounts, along with digital ads and telemarketing functions. These programs get complicated to use, but CPA firms that manage finances for large organizations will feel comfortable with this kind of software.

Reaching Out To Donors Should Be Easy

best-accounting-software-for-nonprofits-donorsLastly, and most importantly, your organization’s software should make donor management and outreach a relatively simple process, since this is something a nonprofit does regularly. Software programs like Aplos offer a website builder and social media sharing. Aplos has the option to create custom online donation forms for each of your nonprofit’s causes, and these forms can be posted on your website or sent out in email campaigns. The ability to create events to connect in person with your donors is also a nice function within Aplos. There is also a donation widget that makes donating a snap for your supporters, as well as customizable automatic thank you emails that lighten the workload for your organization’s administrators!

Where To Start

So where do you start when committing to the best accounting software for nonprofits? Taking advantage of services like free demos, webinars, and live support make learning a new software program much easier. Many software programs offer a free trial period for your organization to try out the product to see what meets your needs the best. You can sign up for a free trial with Aplos. No credit card needed.

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