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Webinar: How You Should Thank And Recognize Your Donors

by Dan Kimball

Many nonprofits view the thank you letter to donors as no more than a tax receipt. Strong nonprofits, however, recognize the donor acknowledgment letter as a critical component of the stewardship phase of the fundraising lifecycle. During this webinar we will discuss best practices and thank you ideas for your donors. We will explain what all gift acknowledgments should legally contain, and we’ll also identify the differences between a tax receipt and a thank you.

Acknowledgment and stewardship of gifts are cornerstones of effective development programs. Far from being merely a business function, gift acknowledgment is the first step in the stewardship ladder. Smart organizations put just as much thought and effort into what they do after a gift is received as they did to secure the gift in the first place.

We always encourage organizations to thank their donors, regardless of the size of their gifts. Those relationships are important so people will stay connected to your cause and continue to support your nonprofit. But not only is thanking people good for donor retention, it’s also good manners, plain and simple.

This webinar will highlight:

  • A tax receipt vs. a thank you
  • Creating an acknowledgment process plan
  • Letters and email replies
  • Some best practices for thanking donors

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Edwin Holloway July 16, 2017 - 1:57 am

We do not have any of the programs that you have up for accounting. We use a work book for small churches. Until we are able to get one of those programs we use the work book. Thank you……


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