Things They Don’t Teach You About Fundraising Operations

Running and managing a fundraising operation

A practical look of what goes on behind the scenes for any successful nonprofit fundraising operation. This is designed for any sized nonprofit or faith based organization.

Development/fundraising operations are the activities that hold everything together – data management, gift processing, office procedures, and event management. Without strong operations, your development activities will flounder. Achieving strong development operations requires a balance of planning skills, time management, and even some HR skills.

This webinar will highlight:

  • How to get the most out of you Donor Management/Database system.
  • Gift Processing and Records Management.
  • Ways to make the right investment in your fundraising operations and the overhead myth.
  • The “Too much to do and not enough time” dilemma.

About Our Presenter:

dan-roundedDan Kimball is a seasoned fundraiser with twenty years of experience in strategic fund development and nonprofit management. He’s currently developing Aplos’ Donor Management Platform to help nonprofits connect with (and cultivate!) their donor base.

“Fundraising is a relationship business.”

If you’re looking for a way to properly manage your donors and to fix problems with fatigued or lapsed donors, then check out our donor management software.


Megan, the wearer of all hats at Aplos, helps lead the marketing department in Email Marketing, Customer Appreciation, Public Relations, stocking the office fridge, and reveling in her title as Head Lunch Decision Maker for staff lunches. She has a passion for helping others and has a special place in her heart for making others feel appreciated. In her spare time she enjoys torturing her significant other with more DIY projects, writing fiction, reading, and binge watching Netflix.

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