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Webinar: How To Use Events For Better Fundraising

by Dan Kimball

Most nonprofits have a signature event, or they host events throughout the year. Events are generally an important part of a fundraising plan. They are a fantastic way to generate revenue for nonprofit organizations. They hold the potential to significantly expand an organization’s traditional fundraising pipelines. But they are also a way to create awareness, excitement, and introduce new people to your mission. Good fundraising events aren’t just a means to an end. In addition to creating new donorsnonprofit fundraising events are a great way to start new donor relationships.

It takes a lot of time, energy, effort, and planning to organize a fundraising event, but when they are successful, you will see how events can bring in needed money and support for your nonprofit. For many donors, their very first gift to an organization happens at an event, and you can start to build a relationship with potential donors or new donors through your event. A strategic approach can convert event donors into recurring, major gift donors, or even planned gift donors.

How can your organization get the most out of an event? Learn how to leverage events for your nonprofit to build stronger, long-term support and donations over time. Join fundraising expert Dan Kimball for a one-hour webinar to learn how a successful fundraiser can have a lasting impact on relationships with your donors.

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How to Leverage Events for Future Fundraising Down the Road - Top Nonprofits September 16, 2016 - 6:29 am

[…] We all know successful events can bring in much-needed money and support a nonprofit’s need to grow its organization. They’re also great for building awareness of your mission by engaging with potentially new groups of people and bringing the community together to support a common cause. This is event fundraising 101! […]


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