Event Registration And Ticketing

With the Event Registration tool, you can easily create an online registration form to collect registrations and sell tickets. Share your form so people can easily sign up for free events and pay for their tickets in just a few simple steps. Once people have registered, you can email registered contacts, export a list of attendees, and cancel tickets as needed.

Advanced Event Registration

Advanced Event Registration allows you to accept event deposits or partial payments, multiple ticket types on a single event registration form, as well as creating custom fields for collecting additional data for your attendees.

If you wish to enable the feature, visit the Subscription page under the Settings section, select “Change Subscription,” and then add “Advanced Event Registration.” You can also disable Advanced Event Registration from this screen.

You must be an Administrator of your Aplos account to change the subscription. If your account is in a contract, you can contact our Customer Success Team to get access to Advanced Event Registration.

Creating An Event

To get started with Event Registration, customize your event form.

When creating your form, you will be able to select whether your event is free or paid and choose the information you want to collect for each attendee. You can also give registrants the option to add a donation with their registration and include the option for registrants to cover the transaction fees.

See the guide for creating an Event Registration form.

If you plan to receive payments for tickets, you must first create your AplosPay merchant account. See the guide to create your Aplos Merchant account.

How To Collect Event Registrations

With a published event, you can begin collecting registrations and payments for your event. Learn how to share your event page and the actions visitors take to complete their registration, from providing their contact information to the different payment options they can utilize. Also, learn how to customize the automatic confirmation email each registrant receives after they register.

See the guide for how to collect Event Registrations.

Managing Event Registrations 

Now that you have a list of those who purchased tickets, learn how to manage your registrants and their guests. View and collect any outstanding balances and associate them with the correct registrants. Learn how to cancel registrations as well as export your registration and attendee lists to Excel. 

See the guide for managing Event Registrations.

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