Event Registration FAQs

Aplos has a great event registration tool that allows you to create an online registration form so that people can sign up and attend your event. Whether free or paid, you can use this feature to gather and track registrations. There is also an in-depth guide on how to build your event registration and sell tickets.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers on using event registration.

When someone signs up, how are they added to my Contact List?

If you have a contact that already exists in your contact list and they register for your event using the same email address, then that event will add to the existing contact. A duplicate contact will not be created. If the email varies in any way, then a new contact will be created.

I’m seeing registrations with a Pending status. Do these effect ticket count, and do they ever go away?

If you are seeing pending registrations, this typically means that the registrant hasn’t finished the checkout process (they have 10 minutes to complete this process, once tickets have been selected). These pending statuses do impact ticket count; however any pending items should fail/be removed within 30 minutes, which would then restore the ticket count at that point.

Do my registrations automatically post to my accounting?

Yes they do! With event registrations, they are recorded on your Deposits page, and linked to accounting based on the income account, fund, and tag that you linked to your purpose. You’ll notice the deposit of the amount paid (minus the transaction fees) will reflect as a deposit in your WePay register. From here you can withdrawal from your WePay register and into a register of your choosing. To learn more about WePay Withdrawals check out our resource WePay Withdrawals. Any amount paid over the fair market value will show as a tax deductible amount on that individual’s contribution statement.

Can I use a different transaction processor other than WePay?

If you’re interested in using the Aplos Event Registration tool to allow for online registrations, the only processor available is WePay.

Can someone give a donation from my registration form?

Not currently, but this is on our list to add in the future. At this point, you can include the URL of your online donation form in the Description of your event. That way, if they want to donate over the amount they are paying for their tickets, they can do so through your online donation form.

What is fair market value?

Fair market value is the amount of the ticket that is non-tax deductible. So, you might be selling tickets to your event for $50. But, you’re serving dinner, and the price per plate is $10. The fair market value of the ticket is $10. Because this cost is for a good or a service, this should not be claimed as a tax deductible amount.

How can I share my registration form?

Once your registration form is published, you can take that URL and send it out in an email campaign, share the URL on your social media, or add the URL to your website. For more information about sharing your registration form check out our resource on Event Registration

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