Online Donation Statuses

On your Online Donations page, you will see a status next to each donation.

The following is a list of possible online donation statuses and what they mean:

  • Capture Pending – The checkout has been sent to WePay, and Aplos’ system is waiting for them to acknowledge the transaction.
  • Authorized – The payer entered their payment info and confirmed the payment with WePay. WePay has successfully charged the payment method.
  • Captured – The payment has been received from the payer, and should now be listed in the organization’s WePay account balance.
  • Released – The payment has been withdrawn from WePay, and deposited to the organization’s designated bank  account. Note that the Released state may be active although there are active partial refunds or partial chargebacks.
  • Cancelled – The payment has been cancelled by the payer, payee, or WePay.
  • Refunded – The payment was captured and then refunded by the payer, payee, or WePay. The payment has been debited from the organization’s WePay account.
  • Charged Back – The payment has been charged back by the payer and the payment has been debited from the organization’s WePay account.
  • Failed – The payment has failed.
  • Expired – Checkouts expire if they remain in the New state for more than 30 minutes. Note that this typically occurs when the payer has abandoned the attempt.

If you have questions about the status of your donations, feel free to contact our support team at!

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