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Online Donations in Aplos

You can create customized donation pages to allow your donors an easy and convenient option to support your organization with an online gift. Donors will be able to easily create a one time donation or set up a recurring donation to be processed on a selected monthly or weekly schedule.

Creating Your First Online Form

The first time you access the Online Forms page of Donations you will be prompted to go through a wizard that will walk you through setting up your first online donation form. Click Start Now to enter the setup wizard.

Customize Your Donation Page

First, you’ll want to add a headline for your online donation page. This should be a short sentence to tell your donors why they’re giving. Now, add a message for your form. This will give more detail about your organization and how donations are used for your mission.


From here, you’ll set your donation page’s color scheme. This can be changed within the form builder if you change your mind at any point. Choose which color scheme you’d like, then click the Next button to continue.

Personalize Your Form

This page is where you will upload your organization’s logo and add an image to the form. You can change either of these images within the form builder at any point.

Preview Your Form

You will see your form’s URL form this page and can edit it from within the form builder itself. Within the form builder, you can change the end of the URL. If you need to change the way that your organization name appears on the URL, you can do this on the Org Info page within your Settings. Click View Donation Form to see what your form looks like. Next, you’ll share your page.

Sharing Your Form

The next few pages will let you share your online form on social media sites or by email. Click through these pages to enter your social media page info, or email address to email your form to. This step is not required.

Now that your online form is done, you can edit it from your Online Forms & Widgets page from within the form builder. Click on the form to open it in the builder and make any changes that you need. You’ll be able to add purposes, change what donor information you gather, and add buttons for specified donation amounts. Be sure to click Save before existing the builder to be sure that your changes take effect.

Completing Your WePay Setup

WePay provides the payment processing for our donations pages. Once your first form has been created, the final step you’ll need to complete is to complete the setup of your WePay account. An account is automatically created  when you enable online donations, but you’ll still need to confirm your organization’s information and link a bank account (so that your donations can be deposited) with WePay. Once you’ve completed the steps of the wizard above, you’ll receive an email to confirm your account:

The link provided in this email will take you to your WePay account where you can:

Set up a password:

WePay PWConfirm your information and link a bank account (a US bank account is required):

KYC & Bank Acct

Once this is completed, you should see this on the bottom of your Online Forms page, indicating that the set up of your WePay account has successfully been completed:

WePay Acct created

Editing Your Forms

Once you have created your first form, you can make additional edits or create additional forms from the Online Donation Forms page. To edit an existing form, just click on the donation form to enter the builder:

This will take you to the form builder screen:

You’ll see the different areas of the form that you can edit on the left. You can also edit the text and images on the form by clicking on them from the preview on the right.

Be sure to click “publish” when you are done creating or editing a form so that the changes you’ve made are applied to the live form.

Sharing Your Form

Once your form is created, you’ll want to get the word out! You’ll see some options for sharing your form by either emailing it, sharing the URL, or adding it to your website. You’ll click the 3 dots under the Actions column, then choose which sharing option you’d like to go with.

If you click “add to my site” you can view the options for putting your form on your website. You can choose to copy the link to your form directly or choose a button and copy the HTML code that’s generated for you:

Refund a Donation

If you have a donor who needs their donation refunded, you can issue that through your WePay account. To do this:

  1. Log into your WePay account: https://www.wepay.com/login
  2. Click the “view all” next to transactions:
    WePay Tx 1
  3. Use the date filters and email search field to locate the donation you need to refund:
    WePay tx 2
  4. Click on the donation to be refunded and when the pop up window with donation details pops up, you’ll see the refund button at the bottom.

You will also want to be sure to delete the batch for this donation on your Deposits page.

Online Donations Transaction Fees:

Any online donations that you receive will be automatically recorded in Aplos. A batch will be added on your Deposits page and tracked in your Accounting. You will see a deposit of this donation minus the transaction fee listed in your WePay asset account.

Transaction fees for online payments are as follows:

Credit Card Donations: 3% + $0.30
ACH Donations: 2% + $0.30
American Express: 4.1% + $0.30
Fees for international cards are typically 1% more, but rates may vary.
A $15 chargeback may apply for disputed payments, such as insufficient funds.

You do have the choice in the Form Builder to include the option for donors to opt in to pay their transaction fee so that the net your organization receives is the full amount they intended. This option will be listed in the Donation section of the form builder.

Since your online donations collected through your Aplos form are automatically posted in your WePay asset register, the only action that you will need to take is to record the deposits from WePay in your bank account as a transfer–from WePay to your bank account register. From your WePay register, you will set up a transaction similar to the one below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 3.02.10 PM

The transfers that you will record should match the deposits that you receive in your bank account from WePay. You will put the amount in the payment field, and choose your checking account in the account field. Also keep in mind if your deposit includes donations to multiple funds you will want to split it. This process will record the payment in your WePay register, as well as the deposit in your checking register.


Your organization is now ready to increase your giving by utilizing an online donation option. Check out this previously recorded webinar for additional details on this process:

Updated on March 23, 2020

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