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Aplos Website Builder :: Editing Pages

  • Whether you’ve created your web page through the builder, or manually created a page from Pages and Menu, you can edit each page to add to it, or change it. You will notice that there are many content options available to help you get started quickly. To access your editing options, you will notice icons on the top left of your page. Below is a description of what each option provides.

Starter Page Templates

You’ll notice a + button at the top left of your page. Clicking this will provide quick start options to create or edit your web page. You’ll have options for a Simple Start on the left, or Quick Start on the right. The Simple Start options will give more generic options to build upon, while the Quick Start options will have more designed options available.

With Simple Start, you’ll notice four options to view. The Basic options will provide sections that include just images, just text, or images and text. Clicking on one of these options will apply this to your page. You can edit the image to include an image that fits your organization.

  • Slider options will allow you to select a section that you can toggle between multiple photo options.
  • Video options allow you to embed a video to your page.
  • Custom will require basic HTML knowledge to customize your page outside of the options available in the Basic, Slider, or Video sections.

With the Quick Start options, you will find more designed page components. You can always edit the images provided to include images that might be more fitting for your organization, or edit the text. The Header options will provide options that you’ll typically use at the top of a web page. Photos and text can be edited.

  • Photos provides options to include a section on your page that acts as a photo album or gallery.
  • Profile includes options to highlight your team members or staff.
  • The More button gives you many more options for page components, from a Contact Us page, to Footer options.

Using Quick Start Sections: Slider

One of the Sections you can choose is an image slider that will rotate through selected photos.

To add this section click on the + on the left toolbar and then select Slider to see the available options. You can click on the option you want to add it to the page.

Once the slider section is on your page, you can hover over it to find the edit options. You will want to click on the orange gear icon.

This will bring up the window for the slider options. You can click the square in the upper right of an image to delete it.

You can click the choose file button to upload an image from your computer. Once added to the slider you can click and drag images to rearrange their order.

Click OK to save your changes.

Page Components

You can access different page components by clicking on the second icon from the top, just below the + button. This will give you a list of components that you can add to any page. You will find a drop-down menu to narrow down your results to options like buttons, social media tiles, or text. Clicking on the component will add it to you page. If you have one or more components already added to your page, adding a new component will drop it at the bottom of your page.

Changing Your Page’s Font

From the “a” button at the top left of your page, you can change the font pattern for that page of your site. You can narrow your options from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, or just filter through the list to see options. Whatever font pattern you choose will apply only to the page that you’re editing, not the entire site itself.

Editing Your Page’s HTML

The < > icon will allow you to edit the page at the code level. We’d recommend that you use this option only if you have a basic knowledge of HTML. Clicking the button will open the HTML option, and clicking it again will close it.

You can view the editing tools in action by watching the video tutorial below:

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