New Add-On Feature In Aplos

Save Time And Simplify How You Pay Your Organization’s Bills

Bill Pay in Aplos has launched! Here’s how it works and how to get Beta access.

Approve Bills And Easily Pay Them Online

Bill Pay in Aplos is a convenient, secure, and user-friendly way to send bills electronically to approvers and track the status of approvals. Once they are approved, you can easily pay bills online.

Customizable Approval Process

With our customizable approval process, you can ensure that all payments go through the proper channels before being made. Whether you want all users to approve bills or just certain users or departments within your organization, you can set up the system to work for you!

Automatically Track Payments In Your Accounting

Online payments will automatically be applied to your payable and posted in your accounting in Aplos. No extra manual work is needed.

This new optional upgrade helps you manage your payments more efficiently and easily. To learn more about how Bill Pay works and how to best use it for your organization, check out our resource, Bill Pay Overview. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to schedule an introduction call with our customer success team.