Bill Pay Overview

Bill Pay is a convenient, secure, and user-friendly way to pay all of your bills. The system sends the bills to the approvers for electronic approval and tracks the status of approvals. Then you can pay the bills once they are approved. When using Accounts Payable, you can quickly pay invoices with online payments made directly from Aplos. Bill Pay also provides a portal for vendors to view and update their billing information to simplify your billing and payment administration.

Bill Pay Eligibility

Aplos Core is required to enable Bill Pay. To utilize paying vendors electronically through Bill Pay, your organization must have a bank based in the U.S.

Enabling Bill Pay In Aplos

Bill Pay is an add-on feature to your subscription. If you wish to enable the feature, visit the Subscription page under the Settings section, select “Change Subscription,” and then add “Bill Pay.” You can also disable Bill Pay from this screen.

You must be an Administrator of your Aplos account to change the subscription. If your account is in a contract, you can contact our Customer Success Team to get access to Bill Pay.

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How Much Does Bill Pay Cost?

The monthly fee for Bill Pay is $40 per month for 10 ACH payments per month and $0.50 for each additional payment. This is in addition to your regular Aplos subscription. Unused ACH payments do not roll over to the next month.

Creating An Approval Workflow

Bill Pay allows your organization to send bills to approvers for electronic approval. It tracks the status of approvals, and then you can pay the bills once they are approved. This is completed through the Bill Pay Approval Workflows. To learn more about how to create and manage an approval workflow, review our Approval Workflow guide

Approval Notifications

When a bill is assigned an approval workflow, a notification process is initiated and a series of emails are sent to the corresponding approvers that a bill needs to be reviewed and approved. If a bill is rejected or approved, a notification email will be sent to the creator of the bill to finalize the payment. Learn more about the different types of email notifications that are sent.

Creating A Bill 

You can start recording new bills as you receive them. If you’ve never created a bill before, we recommend spending some time reading through our Creating A Bill guide, where you’ll find all the details for how to create a new bill, including what information you’ll need to include and how to assign expense accounts for the bill.

After you’ve created your first bill, it will show up in your list of bills, and you can start recording payments for it.

Approving A Bill

If your subscription includes Bill Pay, you can have an approval workflow assigned to bills. You can then assign users as approvers for this bill and monitor the status of approvals.

Learn more about how to approve a bill. If you need to create an Approval Workflow, we suggest that you review Creating An Approval Workflow

Paying A Bill

Once bills are ready to be paid, you can view them on the Bills to Pay screen. From there, you’ll see any outstanding bills with amounts that have been paid as well as the remaining balances. You’ll review and pay bills via electronic payment, by check, or by offline payments. Learn more about the different options to pay bills.

Managing Pending Bills

Assigning an approval workflow to a bill adds a layer of security by sending bills to users for electronic approval. Monitor the status of approvals to keep payments on schedule, and ensure separation of duties with multiple approvers before a payment is made. Learn more about how to manage pending bills

Managing Your Vendor List

Helping your vendors set up online payments is an important part of your organization. Cost savings, convenience, and organizational efficiency make electronic payments an appealing option for managing vendors. Learn how you can invite your vendors to receive payments online.

How Payment Processing Works With Bill Pay

Once you have enabled Bill Pay in your subscription, you will want to set up the Banking Center to process electronic payments. Those payments are securely processed by our trusted partner, Stripe, and posted in your accounting automatically after processing.

What Is The Banking Center?

The Banking Center is a centralized dashboard within your account where you can view and manage your Stripe account and the bank account you wish Bill Pay to withdraw from. 

What Is Stripe?

Stripe is our partner for payment processing for ACH (bank withdrawals). Stripe processes the Accounts Payable and sends electronic payments to your vendors on your behalf.

How To Set Up Stripe

To start sending electronic payments, you will first need to create a Stripe account and set up your profile. To learn more, check out our complete Stripe Setup Guide.

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