Ways Nonprofit Technology Can Assist You

Every industry on the planet has been revolutionized by the development and advancement of technology, and the nonprofit sector is certainly no exception. If you work in nonprofit-ing and have an Internet connection, then you have at your disposal countless technological tools to help run your organization. But what specific ways can technology be to your benefit.

Work smarter, not harder

Taking advantage of programs that help with things like donor management is called working smarter.  A farmer needs a plow, salespeople need cell phones, and nonprofits can use donor management software to make fundraising easier. Did you know: 72% of charitable gifts come from individuals? Each person comes with more information than you can memorize as well. You’ll have to store all of that information in an easy-to-access format.

Fundraising strategies aren’t easy to create. You have to understand your donors and keep track of all the information that allows you to understand them. Fortunately, donor management software can simplify information management and cross-team collaboration.

There’s a range of information that nonprofits need such as:

  • Donor giving histories
  • Reports on donor trends
  • Mailing lists (email and direct mail)

With great data comes great knowledge, and a solid donor management platform should deliver the type of flexibility that your nonprofit needs to acquire new donors and retain the ones you have.

Better communication with donors

Donations don’t just pop out of thin air. Fundraisers form relationships with prospects, created through a series of dedicated, determined interactions. Conversations are the heartbeats of acquiring and retaining donors, and the right software can help you improve donor communications and make it easier to understand your conversations with donors. You can segment donors for email campaigns, and you’ll know what thank you letters to send and to whom.

The right software can also help organizations improve efficiency by automating different parts of fundraising process such as:

  • Automatically processing pledges
  • Easily scheduling recurring gifts
  • Quickly sending an acknowledgment letter
  • Effortlessly viewing donor giving histories

Conversations will be more focused and lead to more frequent donations just by integrating the right software into your fundraising management process. And in a world with so many nonprofits, you must be more efficient about fundraising. Your nonprofit needs to talk to the right donors at the right times and send useful messages. You must track data and maintain systems. The less scattered all of these activities are, the easier the work.

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