New Bill Pay Enhancements in Aplos

Enhancements to Bill Pay

Manage your payments easily and efficiently by using Bill Pay in Aplos. It’s a convenient, secure, and user-friendly way to pay your bills. Recent enhancements include:

  • Electronic Signatures – Improve efficiency when printing checks by not requiring manual signing.
  • Thresholds – Set a threshold for a bill that will not require an approval workflow to pay the bill if the amount is below the maximum total.
  • Vendor Setup – Get ahead of the process by setting up vendors in the system before having a payable for them.
  • Oversight Approvals – Oversight users can now be approvers in an approval workflow

Electronic Signatures

Consolidate internal processes by adding an approved electronic signature when printing a check. No more chasing after a physical signature for a check or waiting for the check signer to come into the office. Administrators can set a signature that will be used when printing checks for payments from Accounts Payable.

If your organization requires more than one signer, you can add both signatures to the e-signature on file, or you can set up bills to require multiple approvers before using a single signature.


Remove extra steps and save time by skipping the approval workflow based on the amount your organization sets. Administrators can set a threshold for the maximum total for a bill that will not require an approval workflow to pay the bill.

For example, if you have regular monthly bills, such as electricity or water that don’t need to be approved before paying them, you can set a threshold so those bills can be paid without any extra friction. Or if your organization’s bylaws specify anything over a set amount, such as $500, needs to be approved, and anything less than that amount can be taken care of by the controller, you can simplify your approval process by creating a threshold.

Simply enter the maximum bill total to skip an approval workflow based on your organization’s requirements. If no threshold is specified, bills will default to a workflow approval that you set up.

Vendor Setup

Set up your vendors in the system before you have a payable for them. Then you can pay a vendor as soon as you get the bill. Filter vendors using the “All Contacts” option so you can invite contacts to be paid electronically even when they don’t have a bill associated with them.

Oversight Approvals

Users from a parent oversight organization can now be selected in the approver list of a workflow. The oversight user can have any role and must be an active user similar to the users in the subsidiary organization.

More About Bill Pay

Bill Pay requires Aplos Core. To learn more about how Bill Pay works and how to best use it for your organization, check out our resource, Bill Pay Overview.