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Church Budgeting In Aplos

by Alex Acree

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If you haven’t started budgeting for your church’s financials, what are you waiting for? We are here to help you with your church management.

We typically recommend you start with your budget in Excel so you can work with your data to plan, compare, and make sure you have your bases covered. It is absolutely helpful to import those monthly budget estimates into Aplos so you can compare it in the accounting. Here is a brief walkthrough on creating your budget and running your Budget to Actual reports in Aplos.

If you have a dedicated budget for a church project, such as a building, you would want to have a fund for this project in your accounting so you can see how much money is restricted for this purpose, how much money is on hand, and how you have planned for future expenses. This will tell you if you are managing your church’s finances well and if your project is running over budget. Here is a quick look at how to track Budgets by Fund in Aplos.

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