Purposes In Aplos

Purposes are used to track the different types or categories of donations your organization receives. You can set up as many purposes as you need. You can also set up purposes to be linked to an income account and fund so the donations you record will be linked to your accounting.

What Is A Purpose?

Purposes are a way of keeping track of donations in Aplos. To manage your organization’s purposes, log in and click “Donations” and then “Purposes.”

A purpose is a way your organization receives money through donations. You will want to create a purpose for every way you will be receiving a donation. Examples include Missions, General, Building, In-Kind, and Fundraiser.

Once a purpose is created, you can begin using them to record donations. Either assign a purpose to an online form or select it when manually entering donations.

Creating A Purpose

You can see and manage your purposes, as well as donation details for each, from this screen. Click the green plus (+) button to create a new purpose for your organization.

When creating a new purpose, or editing an existing one, simply assign an income account, fund, and a tag (if applicable) to the purpose, and click “Save.” This will ensure that any donation recorded using this purpose will also post as a deposit in your accounting records.

If you also decide to use Aplos Accounting for your organization, you can assign an income account, fund, and tags to a purpose so it automatically integrates with your accounting records when it is used.

When viewing your purposes, there will be a link icon indicating the purpose has been linked to your accounting.

The icon will show as unlinked if it is not yet connected to an income account and fund. You can click on that purpose to set the designated accounts.

If you choose not to assign an income account and fund, the donations to this purpose will appear on contribution statements but will not automatically post to your accounting records.

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