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The Accounts Payable screen of Transactions is where you can track the receiving and paying of bills. Here you’ll be able to record bills when you receive a bill and also when you make payments on it.

How to Track and Pay Bills

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At the top of the page, you’ll see a total of the outstanding bills due as well as an aged breakdown of that total.

Adding a New Bill

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Next, you have the section where you will add new bills as you receive them. You’ll be able to fill in the details of the bill and also assign the expense account(s) that will be used once the bill is paid. 

Deleting a Payable

If you’ve created a payable in error, or if you decided to track your expense differently, you can delete it. Click on the payable in the Pay Bills or History section. If you have recorded any payments on this payable, you will need to delete those first. Once all payments on the payable have been deleted, click the “more” icon on the top right, then click Delete.

Making a Payment for a Bill

How to Pay Bills

Once bills have been entered, you’ll see them posted in the Pay Bills section of the page. Here you’ll see any outstanding bills with any amount(s) that have been paid and the remaining balance.  You’ll record the amount you’re paying and the date of the payment and then either selecting “Pay Bills” if you’re making/have made the payment outside of the software (i.e. electronic payment, hand written check, etc.), the “Pay Bills and Print Checks” if you need to print a check for the payment from Aplos. Bills will remain in this section until paid in full. If this is your first time printing checks, you may have to configure your print settings. Reference the Printing Checks article for details.

If you have ACH File Export enabled you can also select “Generate ACH File” this will export a pre-formatted NACHA file for ACH payments through your bank. If you would like to utilize our ACH File Export tool reference our ACH File Export resource for details.

You can also click on any bill listed here to open it in the section above if you needed to edit the bill details and can export a summary of any open payables.

Pay Multiple Vendor Bills With One Transaction

What should you do if you receive multiple bills from a vendor and would like to pay them with a single payment? Aplos makes it easy for you to track this as a single transaction in the register and generate a single check for multiple bills in Accounts Payable. This can be helpful if you have multiple bills for a single vendor, or if you need to post a credit to a bill.

First, you will need to enter the amount that you are paying on each bill. If you have more than one bill for a vendor, when you enter payment on your first bill, you will see that the same date will auto-fill on the second bill for that vendor. The example below shows two bills that were created to pay for cleaning services. The amount of $200 is listed on each payment, and the same date is recorded on each bill as well.

Once the dates and amounts are recorded, you will click the Pay Bills button if you wish to only post the transaction or Pay Bills and Print Checks button if you wish to also print a check. This will apply the payment on each bill, and take you to the check printing screen.

How to Print One Check for Multiple Bills

You’ll notice that there is a single check available to print for the total amount of $400 to the vendor. You’ll select the check and click Print.

If you do not want to collapse these payments into a single check, you will need to record each payment separately. So, you will need to enter the amount and date on one bill, then click Pay Bills and Print checks, then go back into the Payables module and record the second payment and print that check.

Voiding a Check on a Payable:

It is important to know that you cannot void a check that is payment on a bill. You will need to delete the payment, then record the check manually in your register and void it from there by following the steps in this article.

Payable History

The last section of the page is a list of bills that have been paid in full. You can click on the date of any bill listed to view it in the upper section of the page.

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Opening a bill that has had payments recorded to it will include a list of the payment transaction(s).

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For more information on how to enter transactions, check out this article HERE

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