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Susan F.
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I only need to spend a couple of hours a month on our financials. Running reports for our meetings and taxes is a breeze.

Susan F.,

Source: Capterra

Managing Director at State Street

Event registration process and check-in

Make the registration process for your next church event a breeze.

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Custom registration forms

Create unlimited online event registration forms to collect attendee information for retreats, camps, youth events, a VBS, church conferences, and more. Then share them on your church website, in emails, or on social media so people can register from wherever they are.

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Flexible registration form options

Accept registrations for in-person or virtual events. You can use forms to sell tickets or tables, or collect RSVPs for free church events, like a potluck or prayer breakfast. Choose the fields you want to require, such as an email address or mobile phone number.

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Automatic attendee tracking

Registrants and their contact information are automatically tracked in the database. Create dynamic lists of contacts that are always up to date for your event planning and communications so you don't need to manually update your lists.

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Event сheck-in and name tags

Check participants in at your event or church service using a mobile kiosk on a tablet or phone. You can also choose to let adults check themselves in at a check-in station. Print name tags for participants directly from a mobile printer. Name tags for children are duplicated so an adult can keep one name tag to ensure that the person who checks in the child is the same one to check them out. Health needs, such as allergies or a medical concern, can also be printed on the name tag.

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Streamlined ticket sales

Select pricing features, track registration payments, and make registrations easy.

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Control ticket sales start and end dates

Aplos makes the registration process simple for churches. You decide when tickets go on sale, when early-bird discounts are over, and when online ticket sales should end.

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Individual and group ticket sales

Easily set the number of registrations available, and offer the option for people to purchase individual tickets or a bundle of seats, such as a table.

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Advanced Event Registration (optional upgrade)

With Advanced Event Registration, you can accept deposits and partial payments when people register for events. Create multiple ticket types so you can set prices for different options, such as tickets that include or don't include a meal.

Faster invites and event communications

Increase involvement by sending communications to the right people at the right time.

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Communicate with dynamic lists

Create dynamic groups of people you want to invite to your church events, and send invitations, email reminders, and event updates to guest lists without manually importing contacts. You can also send notes after the event to your always up-to-date dynamic list of event participants.

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Quick letters and mailing labels

Export mailing labels, and use a built-in letter builder with mail-merge features to quickly mail invitations or event information.

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Automated and custom emails

Email an invitation with a built-in registration form that captures people's contact information. Everyone who registers for an event receives an automatic email receipt for quick registration confirmation. You can also easily email individuals or contact segments from within the software.

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Bulk texting (optional upgrade)

Send text reminders, updates, or other important messages directly from the software. Include details in the text message or point people to your website for more information. Create lists to send messages to the exact people you want to communicate with before, during, and after your events or services. All messages are received as individual texts, and recipients can respond to your church directly from their mobile phones.

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Mobile giving tools

Offer digital giving options during your church events.

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*You must have a U.S. or Canadian bank to accept online payments using Aplos.

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Add giving options to registrations

For your next missions dinner or building campaign event, make it easy for your attendees to support the ministry by including an option to make an extra gift directly from the event registration form.

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Pledge tracking

Accept pledges at your next event for a capital campaign, building, or other fund. Pledges and all the details are automatically added to people's profiles in the database so you can easily run a report and follow up on commitments.

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Text to Give (optional upgrade)

Texting is one of the easiest ways for your event attendees to give to your church. Offer the option of text giving so participants can instantly use their mobile phones to give by sending a text message to your church's unique number. They can give a one-time gift to your church or create an account and schedule regular gifts. They can also choose to cover the processing fees for their transactions.

Track and evaluate event success

Easily see what worked at your events so you know where to focus your future efforts.

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Track attendees

View ticket sale numbers in real time, track event activity for your attendees in your contact database, and manage notes and reminders for follow-up.

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Financial reporting by event

The accounting area monitors event income and expenses to make sure you stay within your budget. You can also run financial reports and share them directly with your staff, ministry leaders, or elder board for better event planning and overall church management.

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Giving by event

Track giving made during your events by purpose for better insight. Set the fair-market value of each ticket and the purpose of the event so payments will flow seamlessly into your accounting as well as your giving statements, if part or all of the transaction is tax-deductible.

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We are so pleased to find such a user-friendly, all encompasing donor and accounting database!

Tyan H.,

Source: Capterra

Development Manager at Love Inc.