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We were looking for a program for our nonprofit that would provide a customer records management system, accounting system and credit card processing. Aplos provides all three at a very affordable price.

Joyce H.,

Source: GetApp

Director at Killeen Independent School District

Know your people and help them connect

Help people feel like they belong by knowing who they are, and connecting them to others.

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Know your people

The more you know about your people, the more they feel connected. See all the details that you need in one place, like household relationships, group involvement, volunteer preferences, birthday or deceased dates, or personal notes.

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Create lists

Lists can help you get a better grasp on how connected your organization is. You can build lists to track attendance by service time, see who's involved in a group, see everyone who's attended a retreat or event, or who your new donors are.

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Group, meeting & event management

Whether you're an Aplos user, group leader, member of a group or team, or you're hosting a meeting or event, Aplos provides the functionality to view a roster of group members, volunteers, or attendees so that you can quickly communicate with everyone, see contact info, and keep rosters and attendee lists up to date.

Keep your people engaged

Quickly follow up with your people to show you care, and keep them coming back.

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Keep people in the know

Send a monthly update to let your people know what they can look forward to.

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Custom giving letters and email templates

Customize your standard thank you letters, automated giving statements, and pledge reminders to maximize ease and effectiveness.

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Prepare thank you letters and giving statements

Let your donors know that their contributions matter and automatically create and send giving statements via email or mail.

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Keep in touch

Increase recurring donors with notifications about important donor activity or reach out when important dates occur, like birthdays or anniversaries.

Spend less time tracking giving and more time caring for people

Simple tracking to make time for the things that matter.

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Automatic donation tracking

Each donation batch automatically appears in your bookkeeping without double entry. All contributions given online are tracked by member for giving statements and an email receipt is sent with zero work required.

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Pledge tracking

Easily track member pledges and generate pledge statements to remind your members of upcoming payments.

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Create and send giving statements

Quickly prepare monthly, quarterly, or annual giving statements with a single click. You can choose to print statements or mailing labels, or send the statements via email.

Make online giving simple for your members

When people are connected, they'll give, so why not make it easy for them?

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Unlimited donation forms

Create custom, mobile friendly donation forms - no website or coding required.

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Grow recurring giving

Make weekly or monthly recurring giving simple on your donation forms and provide a secure donor portal to manage giving.

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Donation widget

Add a donation widget to your website that empowers donors to give securely without having to leave your website.

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Donor giving preferences

Allow your donors to use their preferred payment method, offer to pay transaction fees, control how often they give, and identify the purpose of their gift.

Learn more about Our Online Giving.

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Events & kids check-in

Keep track of guests, and ensure children are safely checked in and out during services or special events.

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Create events at any time or location

Launch a mobile kiosk on any phone or tablet that allows adults and children to check in with a staff member or volunteer at the event. Or let your members self check-in.

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Print labels for your participants

Easily track parents and link them up with their kids with matching labels. When the event is done, track the attendance afterwards using the Attendance report.

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Create and store multiple rooms or locations

Create multiple rooms in case your location or event is using more than one classroom or conference room. Take advantage of our Tags option, which allows you to preset which rooms your people are checking into to streamline the check-in process.

Accept registrations online for your retreats and events

Help connect people to build stronger relationships and encourage others to get involved.

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Online ticket sales

Accept secure online registrations for your next retreat or special event. Even get RSVPs for free events like your next potluck.

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Invite people to join

Invite a specific list of people, then send an email or print mailing labels for your invites.

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Track event success

Track event activity in your people database and monitor your event's success.

Built for good stewardship

We understand that synagogues and nonprofit organizations have unique accounting needs. That's why our fund accounting software makes it simple for you to do accounting the right way.

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True fund accounting

Easily track designated funds, such as your missions fund or building fund, to demonstrate to your members that you are stewarding your gifts well.

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Generate financial statements

Easily create your organization's financials, such as Balance Sheet by Fund or Income Statement by Fund, to print or email them to the synagogue's leaders. Use account segments and tags filters for granular reporting.

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Integrated payroll

Utilize our payroll integration with Gusto to easily process payroll, housing allowances, and make tax payments.

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Complete nonprofit bookkeeping

All the tools you need to work quickly and manage your finances:

  • Import transactions from your bank
  • Journal entry for fund transfers and payroll imports
  • Track and pay bills
  • Create invoices and receive payments online
  • Print checks
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Track 1099s
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The donation management platform is worth it by itself. It's a very crucial part in bringing in money to non profits and Aplos allows you to track all of the data.

Clayton P.,

Source: Capterra

Vice President at Foster Park Sports