How To Subscribe To Aplos

Access to Aplos can be purchased using a monthly or annual subscription. If you are an Administrator on your account, you can subscribe by logging into Aplos and visiting the Subscription page.

In your Aplos account, click the gear icon in the navigation menu. Then click “Subscription.” Here, you can make any changes to your subscription and click “Subscribe Now.”

Note: If you are working with our sales team for a custom contract, you may be unable to edit the subscription page, and will need to contact to complete the subscription process.

What Is Included In Your Subscription

On the Subscription screen, you will be able to locate key items of your account. Before you subscribe, you will want to confirm the products, users, and add-on features include the items you need. 

  • Subscription Renewal Date
  • Billing Period: Monthly Or Annually
  • Subscription Products And Add-Ons
  • Subscription Price

*Note: If you are in contract, please reach out to for subscription information. 

What Is Included In The Platform

The Aplos platform includes access to all core areas of the system. This includes: Fund Accounting, E-File, Letters, Emails, Website Builder, People Database, Smart Lists, Donations, Online Donation Forms & Widgets, Groups & Teams, and Reports. 

The platform also includes 500 contacts for your people database. If you exceed the 500 contacts in your platform tier, you will automatically be moved to the next tier up. If you wish to move yourself up to the next tier prior to subscribing, click “Change Subscription” and click the “+” button to move up to a higher contact volume. Then click “Save.”

How To Add Or Remove Users

Organizations are most successful when you have at least two people with access to your Aplos account. All accounts include up to two users, but you can add additional users as needed. Each user will have their own login (email address), password, and role (what they can access) within the account. To get started, click “Change Subscription.” Along with your subscription features, you can adjust the amount of users you wish to include in your subscription. Click either “+” or “-” to adjust your user count and click “Save.”

*Note: Each account automatically comes with 2 users.

Once complete, you will want to add and manage the users on your account. To begin adding your users, go to the “Settings” gear in your main navigation menu, and then click “Users.” From here, click “Add User,” which will allow you to enter their information and choose their role. For more information about user roles and permissions, check out our resource on Managing Your Users.

How To Add Or Remove Add-On Features

Before you subscribe, add any additional features you desire to your platform. Add-ons include:

To choose your Add-ons, click “Change Subscription.” View the available features and click either “+” or the trash can icon to add or remove any of your add-ons. Once complete, click “Save.” 

Subscription Discount Options

Annual Payment Discount

You can set your billing cycle to pay monthly or annually. Discounted pricing is available if you pay for an annual subscription. To manage your billing cycle, click “Change Subscription.” From here, you will be able to toggle between Monthly or Annually. Then click “Save.”

Discounts For Small Organizations

If your organization is small and makes $50,000 or less in annual revenue, or it was founded in the past year, you can petition for a larger discount. For more information for our small organization discount please fill out our Pricing Application, and we will reach out as soon as possible.

How To Enter A Promo Code

There are periodic promotions available for those who subscribe during their free trial. If you have a promo code to receive a discount on your Aplos subscription, you can enter the promotion code before you complete your checkout. On the subscription screen, you will want to locate the banner at the bottom with a promo box next to “Subscribe Now,” and then choose “Change Subscription.” This is where you will enter the promo code and click “Apply.”

If you have entered the promo code successfully, you will notice a green header will appear that confirms the promo code has been applied. You will also notice the discount has been applied to your total and the date the promo is valid through.

Promo codes are case sensitive, so please be sure to enter it exactly as it is shown. Some codes may also have specific terms, so if you enter an invalid code, it will alert you that the code is no longer valid for use.

Entering Your Payment Information

Once you are ready to checkout, click “Subscribe Now.” You will be shown a secure form where you are able to add your choice of payment method. Credit card, debit cards,  and ACH (Bank Withdrawals) are all accepted. Then click “Pay Now.”

The system will run your first month’s subscription immediately and extend out your expiration date. (If you still have days remaining in your free trial, you will keep the value of those free days.) The Administrator of the account will receive a confirmation email receipt. 

If you have any questions about your subscription, please reach out to

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