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500 contacts - $45/mo paid monthly

501 - 2,000 contacts - $95/mo paid monthly

2,001 - 5,000 contacts - $175/mo paid monthly

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Included Donor Management features to help you grow:
CRM Donor Tracking
Create detailed donor profiles with personal information, communication notes, and historical giving data.
Track Donor Progression
Monitor your donor's activity as they progress from potential donors to active, recurring donors.
Fundraising Reports
Quickly generate reports to monitor your fundraising efforts and specific groups of donors that need more nurturing.
Donation Tracking
Track your donations directly in your accounting to better assess your giving trends overtime.
Custom Online Donation Forms
Create custom donation forms to process donations online using credit card or ACH transactions.
Recurring Donations
Allow your donors to give recurring donations, as well as manage their account through a donor portal.
Contribution Statements
Quickly print or email your contributions statements with the click of a button.
Pledge Tracking
Create more opportunities to gain committed donors by offering the option to pledge gifts.
PayPal Integration
Easily link Aplos to your PayPal account to track your giving.
Communication Assistance
Get suggestions communicating with donors so you never miss an opportunity to build or repair a relationship.
Custom List Builder
Filter your contacts to create custom lists of email addresses for specific email campaigns and mailings.
Mail-merge Letters and Emails
Create and send personalized emails within Aplos, as well as batched letters for portal mail.

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