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Manage your donors and online donations, master fund accounting, and take advantage of all the features offered by a nonprofit CRM.

  • Track the data you need, like donor numbers, volunteer preferences, birthday or deceased dates, or personal notes.
  • Use our donor management tools and engage your donors or fundraise with confidence.
  • Our fund accounting software makes it simple for you to do accounting the right way.
Grow and Track Donations with Aplos


Manage your church, take control of your church's books, and track your tithing. Help people feel like they belong by connecting them together.

Grow and Track Donations with Aplos
  • Manage your church by seeing all the details you need in one place: like household relationships, group involvement, volunteer preferences, birthday or deceased dates, or personal notes.
  • Master your accounting by easily tracking designated funds, such as your missions fund or building fund, to demonstrate to your members that you are stewarding your gifts well.
  • Track online giving & tithing, market and communicate on behalf of your church, manage events, build a website, and much more!

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Created for professional accountants and bookkeepers to manage their clients easily and effectively, increasing those clients' bottom line.

  • Streamline your operations by managing your clients in a single, cloud-based platform.
  • Cater to your nonprofit clients' needs by using software that was made for nonprofits and is simple to use.
  • Work faster so you can serve more clients, allowing them to do as much, or as little, of the bookkeeping as desired, and increase revenue by becoming an Aplos Affiliate.
Grow and Track Donations with Aplos

Home Owners Associations (HOA)

Simplify your bookkeeping with software built specifically for HOAs. Aplos is a customizable, cloud-based platform that makes managing your homeowners association effortless.

Grow and Track Donations with Aplos
  • Easily accomplish daily tasks like managing HOA fees, tracking money in designated funds, and creating nonprofit reports.
  • Save time on your accounting: Import transactions directly from your bank and use. optional integrated communications to email HOA members. Avoid workarounds needed with a business software.
  • Manage all the members of your HOA from one location and streamline communications with our email templates, letters, and mailing labels. Create invoices for member dues to print or email, receive payments securely online, and monitor invoice status.

Schools & Education

Ready to make private school administration simpler?

  • With our easy-to-use software, your school can leverage our all-in-one solution of Accounting, Donor Management, and Member Management.
  • Simplify your accounting system by using Custom Tags, which allow you to easily track different departments.
  • Track and manage your tuition by sending invoices and accepting tuition with our Accounts Receivable module.
Grow and Track Donations with Aplos

Sports Organizations

Your accounting and management solution for youth sports. Manage your youth sports teams and leagues effortlessly with Aplos

Grow and Track Donations with Aplos
  • Track and manage your teams' dues and fees.
  • Easily manage daily tasks like managing donations, tracking money in designated funds, creating nonprofit reports.
  • Work faster so you can spend more time outside helping out the team: Create contribution statements in minutes, avoid workarounds needed with a business software, and much more.

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