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Use true fund accounting to correctly track designated funds, like grants or special projects.
Quickly track tax-deductible gifts and automatically create and send donation statements.
Easily create nonprofit-specific reports to monitor donation activity, financials, and your budget.

Nonprofit Accounting: Included in your all-in-one nonprofit management platform

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Built for Nonprofit Accounting

Nonprofits have unique needs. Our fund accounting software makes it simple for you to do accounting the right way.

True Fund Accounting

Easily track funds, such as grants and special programs, so you are ready for the financial reporting requirements that come with restricted gifts.

Custom Chart of Accounts

Create a flexible chart of accounts that fits your nonprofit structure, including correctly tracking your funds and using tags to manage fundraising campaigns or projects.

Tracking Donations and Other Income

Easily identify your tax-deductible income by purpose, manage membership and sponsorship invoices, and track other forms of income without the headache or extra spreadsheets.

Nonprofit Accounting Software

Faster Donation Tracking

No more extra spreadsheets. Track your donations once and have it magically appear in both your accounting and donation statements.

Online Donation Softwaree

Quick Donation Batches

More than just accounting, you get a complete donation system in Aplos. Your batch of donations is tracked both by purpose for giving statements, and automatically in your accounting.

Automatic donation tracking

All donations given online are tracked by donor and purpose with zero work required.

Create Giving Statements

Tax-deductible gifts are tracked by donor so you can quickly prepare monthly, quarterly, or annual giving statements with a single click.

Nonprofit Financial Reports

Slice and dice your financial reporting to see the exact data you need across your organization.

Generate Nonprofit Financial Statements

Customize and save your nonprofit reports such as a Balance Sheet by Fund or Income Statement by Fund.

Donation Reporting

Get more insights into your giving with pledge tracking, donations by donor, lapsed donors, or other giving reports.

Budgeting Reports

Track your financial health by comparing your budget to your actual accounting.

Create Custom Reports

Use account segments and tags to create and save custom reports for more granular reporting.

Nonprofit Reports

Complete Nonprofit Bookkeeping Software

Your web-based accounting system includes all the tools you need to work quickly and manage your finances.

Nonprofit Accounting Software
  • Import transactions from your bank
  • Journal entry for fund transfers and payroll imports
  • Track and pay bills
  • Create invoices and receive payments online
  • Print checks
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Payroll integration (Link to /partners/Gusto)
  • Track 1099s
  • Budgeting

Complete Nonprofit Management Platform Included

Grow by connecting your financials to your full nonprofit system so you have more insights, better data, and to avoid complex workarounds.

Grow Online Donations

Securely accept online donations by purpose that are automatically tracked in your complete donor database

Send Donor Communications

Build loyalty with your donors by quickly creating thank-you letters, emails, and print mailing labels to a donor segment.

Dynamic contact segments

Want to pull a list of donors with outstanding pledges? Or donors who have given in the past year? Identify important groups with rule-based segments that automatically update for easier communication.

Sell Event Ticket Online

Easily sell tickets to your next event online and track sales automatically in your accounting.

Nonprofit Website

Launch your nonprofit website to share your upcoming events, connect people to your cause, and make it simple to give.

Nonprofit Management Software

Do More With Aplos Advanced Accounting

Upgrade for more granular reporting so you can harness the ability to see the exact data you need across your funds, departments, projects, and locations.

Nonprofit Accounting Software

Budget by Fund or Tags

Create reports that compare budget to actual for each fund or tag.

Project, Campaign or Department Reporting

Build custom financial reports by project, campaign, or department, simply and effectively.

Custom Role Permissions

Grant limited access to users to see only the reports they need.

Automate Transaction Entries

Save time with regular occurring transactions to post in your register.

Form 990 Reports

Use tags to track income and expenses, and quickly export a report to complete the annual IRS Form 990 return.

Fixed Asset Tracking

Track your property and equipment, along with their appropriate depreciation schedules, to create automatic posting to your books.

Income and Expense Allocations

Set split percentages for income and expenses to automatically disperse your transactions across many accounts and/or funds.

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Integrated Payroll with Gusto

  • Payroll with Direct Deposit
  • HR and W-2 Services
  • Automatic Payroll Tax Filings

Bookkeeping Services

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Financial Reports
  • 1099 Preparation

Implementation Services

  • Account Setup
  • Data Migration
  • Integrations & More

* Standard transaction rates apply for credit card and ACH transaction processing. Credit or debit transactions are 2.9% +$0.30 per transaction for verified 501(c)(3) organizations, and 1% higher for non-verified. Transaction rates for American Express are 1.1% higher and rates for international cards may vary. ACH transaction rates are 1% +$0.30 per transaction for verified 501(c)(3) organizations and 1% higher for non-verified organizations. You must have a U.S. or Canadian bank to accept online payments.

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